An opportunity to BE this week

Around the world, educators and students are returning back to school this week and next. Whether it be online or in person, coming off a break can bring a bag of mixed feelings along with it. The time away may have been relaxing for many and a breath of fresh air to slow down and breathe. The time away to celebrate alongside loved ones as well as the time to decompress and be present was much needed and appreciated here. But it’s time to return to the routine and the school setting. As much as I enjoy the downtime, I love the structure of the routine day in and out during the week.

This week, however, you have a unique opportunity to be in many aspects. In the lives of students and educators coming off of the break, you have a chance to BE the champion and advocate for them day in & out. Many of our students bring so much JOY to our lives & I love those initial interactions to start off the day and week. For educators in the classroom, your students seek YOU to continue to build relationships and learn together along the way. For educators and leaders in and outside of the classroom setting, you have an opportunity to BE present, uplift, encourage, and inspire day in and out. Coming off of a break is hard and getting back into the routine can be a struggle. BE willing to support and uplift students, staff, and families as we all get back into the swing of things.

As hard as coming off a break can be, think about the students you influence, support, and encourage day in and out. You champion for them, encourage them, support them, and advocate for greatness and growth every day. You see them at their best and worst and never give up on them. You pour your heart into your students and their success. You, my friend, encourage greatness from them and have an opportunity to BE that influence as school gets back into session. Be the champion that influences students and never gives up. Be the champion who cares and inspires students to do their very best.

Finally, don’t forget yourself in this venture and opportunity to BE every day. Remember to be yourself and who you are as well as what you give. Be who you are through and through with and without others. Remember that you are human and that is acceptable. My friend Jillian Dubois, of ImpartedJoy, posted this on Monday and it really hit home for me. Be who you are every day. The attributes and who you are matter. You will never know how others perceive you for you.

May be an image of text that says 'weird be random who you are because you never know who would love the person you hide. c.S. lewis'
Jillian DuBois

The to-dos and deadlines can be overwhelming. Be willing to accept that the to-dos will always be there. My friend Kecia McDonald reminded me of the things to be yesterday instead of the to-dos and this hit home for me. Instead of focusing on what has to be done, focus on what you want to BE in the coming of days. This can be a balance of things. My goal is to have a to be list this week along side my to-do list that continues to grow. To focus on what I can control versus what continues to be placed on a to-do list.

You are amazing & have an opportunity to be in the fresh start this year. and out. Remember your why, your reason for the work you do, and grasp the opportunity to BE this week. Be willing to start off your day, every day, with the willingness and opportunity to BE and see where the journey takes you. Have a great week!

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