The power of your PLN

Make connections

Imagine who you’ve connected with today. Think about this for a minute. Who have you texted, tweeted, messaged, or spoken to? It could be family, professional, on social media, or in real life. Connections are all around us.

From personal to professional, we, as human beings, communicate to interact with the world. Interactions can be simple as to update one another on progress and can occur in real life. Interactions can have a profound impact on one’s life. What one person says matters. It makes an impact on our lives. It means something.

When we communicate together its learning. It’s taking the time to connect on a level that is more than just pleasantries. It means something. An impact or an acknowledgement typically occurs. Connections are made by responding or striking up a conversation.  Parties are connected once they interact. This is where social media is by far the ultimate in your connections.

Social media has taken connections to an all time high. As an educator, I never realized the power of social media connections until two years ago. I knew about twitter and blogging, since I have a personal outlet, but didn’t realize the power of social media and a PLN (Professional Learning Network) until I started truly connecting with others and growing and learning as an educator. There are educators, students, and learners connecting with each other about various topics all day, every day. Social media provides the outlet and the users provide the content.


My PLN has skyrocketed over the past several months. Twitter chats, connections, and interactions have impacted me so much and, I am proud to say, twitter is my ultimate social media outlet to learn, interact, and grow with. Not only have I learned, I have been empowered. Empowered to do more to be a better educator, empowered to take a leap of faith and get outside my comfort zone. Empowered to move forward not only as an educator but as a professional wanting to grow.

I am excited to take this leap of faith and blog to reflect, learn, and grow. I hope to continue on the path of empowerment and knock out the fear of vulnerability to move forward. Aaron Hogan has said “blogging is learning” and I hope to be able to achieve this mission while blogging and connecting.

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