It gets really real when…

Houston and the surrounding areas are being devastated by Hurricane Harvey’s destructive and wet path as the days move on slowly. Hundreds of tornado warnings have sounded over the past 72 hours, flooding is up to doors, and hope is dwindling as the next band of storms dumps more water on an already saturated and flooded area.

In the past 48 hours, I’ve seen a man be voluntarily evacuated with his dog, Blackhawk helicopters flying low around my area, watched many rescues, and seen so much heartache. Harvey isn’t done yet and there’s already so much pain and destruction surrounding our areas.

It gets very real quick when the National guard is in your city as are Black Hawk helicopters flying low. The Cajun Navy arrived yesterday and the outpouring support that is being brought in by other cities and states is overwhelming. It also gets real when when trucks are pulling boats and schools are being used as evacuation shelters.

Hurricane Harvey is not done yet but I ask of you to send good thoughts and prayers to the thousands of people that are being affected by this massive flood and hurricane remnants. No one could have predicted the stalled path Harvey has taken or the amount of rain he would dump on Texas. However, we as a community of supporters, must band together and send well wishes to all involved. Many are weary (myself included) and I ask for only good thoughts, well wishes, and prayers to those affected by this mess.

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