Cherishing holiday memories

The sights around are fulfilling and busy all around. From holiday to holiday cheer, there is so much to take in and celebrate. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or another holiday, there is so much around to take in each and every day. Each and every one of us celebrate differently but have something in common. It’s a holiday celebration full of memories and more.

The holidays prove exciting for children, enjoyable for most, and difficult for some. Memories tend to make their way into our lives and those last over the good and bad that follows from the days past. Memories of the GOOD make the bad days better for some. The people, the celebrations, the cheer, and the laughter help ease us all through.

As I reflect upon my Christmas and the days before and ahead, I will admit most lately are full of sickness or illnesses but that’s not what I cherish about the memories that are ingrained in my heart. The Christmas decorations, lights, family time, sounds, ads, and presents have filled my heart with great joy. The memories are not filled of what I have received; the memories are filled with the laughter I have had, the times with¬†others, and those times when things are just right to be etched into your heart.

Whether or not holidays prove themselves good or difficult, the memories that you participate in and recall last forever. During the holiday season, it’s fun to recall the good, the bad, and the hilarious with those you spend time with. Whether it’s around a fire or at your home, remembering the memories that have made the holidays worthwhile will last a lifetime.

Memories last a lifetime.

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