YOU are more than JUST

Everyday, we meet people who are around us. We introduce ourselves, have conversations, and make comments like “I’m just a teacher” or “I’m just a mom/dad.” Well it’s time to stop the JUST comments. YOU are more than JUST a person.

YOU are an individual, a thinker, a dreamer, a decision maker, a person, an educator, a family member, and, more importantly, your thoughts matter.

When people say they are “JUST” something, it’s not forward thinking. YOU have opinions, thoughts, and can bring value into conversations. When you set yourself apart from the community of learners and JUST yourself, you don’t value yourself and others won’t either.

It’s time to sail forward and know you are more than JUST a person. You are an individual of society who can give value, meaning, and understanding. You are a person who has thoughts and feelings. In education, YOU are so much more than JUST and it’s time to own it.

More than JUST.png

It’s time to set sail to more than JUST a person and own your thoughts, feelings, input, and YOU as a person. It’s time to more forward and knock out the thought of JUST because that’s what you’ve been told. It’s time to be proud of your knowledge and understandings.

It’s time to set sail and be MORE THAN JUST!

Are you in?