The start of the new year

Growing up, I was taught that New Years meant the start of a new year on January 1st and the traditions of black eyed peas for good luck as well as cabbage were something we had each year. Whether or not believed in this tradition, we celebrated together with this. We also talked about resolutions and goals we would accomplish this year too. As I got older, resolutions however really did not fit my jam. I would do really well the first couple of months and then they would fall to the wayside unintentionally. As I look back, the reflections were not what made the year, however. The work put in as well as the events really made my years memorable.

I am a believer that there is something good in every day as well as opportunity too. Through past experiences, hardships, life, and years, it really speaks volumes that the days continue to come and go however there is progress along each path. Looking back at 2021, there were a lot of moments of ugh as well as celebrations that mattered to me. Do I dwell in what did not work well, no. But the moments that did not make for happy memories are still memories of the past and something to grow with moving forward.

Looking ahead to this year, I am excited for the opportunities ahead and well as the journey into the unknown of 2022. The hardships and struggles of the past make me a better person today as well as the celebrations and triumphs too. Every year, an opportunity arises to write your own journey as well as remember the good and struggles along the way. For me, I look forward to writing more to fill my blank pages into the journey I take this year as well as dwell in the good and celebrations too. Even through the struggles, there is an opportunity for better upon the horizon. We just have to see it unfold in front of us.

Wishing you a very happy New Year & start to 2022!