Kindness: pass it on!

Be Kind whenever possible

Did you know today is World Kindness day? I recently learned about it and was really intrigued by the concept for two reasons. Reason one is the the idea of adding it to the calendar. A day in the whole year to celebrate kindness. However, it’s only a day. Shouldn’t we, as people, celebrate kindness as much as possible? Shouldn’t there be a wave and a desire to be kind daily?

I digress, kindness is a simple act. A smile, a conversation asking about another family, holding the door for someone, striking up conversation, giving a compliment, and the list continues. Kindness can be a grand gesture to one or the world to another. Kindness doesn’t take time; kindness takes heart!

Reason two is the fact that we as educators must model kindness day in and out for those watching our every move, comment, and heart. In my classroom or around school, I even find my students repeating what I’ve said to each other and in the tone or time I say it in. Bottom line is the fact that our students are watching each and every move that we make.  Take it as an opportunity to instill kindness into their hearts each and every day. Show love, show kindness, and take the time to give kindness day in and out.

Be kind & pass it on!


Realize & Recognize the amazing

Everyday, we as educators, have goals, items to attend to, and tasks to meet. We strive for our best in a society that doesn’t always appreciate what we do. We deal with questions, emails, and roadblocks in our path.

Unless you’re in school, an organization, or have been in school, society doesn’t always realize what we face day in and out. The meltdowns of many students, discipline, lesson planning, long term planning, curriculum, parent complaints, conferences, and the list continues. Society also doesn’t see the light bulb moments, the AHA moments, the connections, and the smiles and love our students give and receive.


resizedYou are amazing

As educators, we have got to stop & realize and recognize we are amazing! Society may not say it or recognize it but we, as an amazing community of educators, need to say it and recognize it daily. When we see amazing in our schools and communities, we need to recognize and acknowledge it. We need to note it. We need to say it! We need to cultivate and grow an amazing culture of educators. We must recognize the good that comes our way!

YOU can move mountains & be an amazing educator day in and out! Own it!


A grateful heart

Something to live for, to seek, and to strive for…a grateful heart. Something you don’t always show (I’ll admit it first) but crave when you see someone give to another. It’s something to live for.

Random acts of kindness, checking in on a colleague or family member, or showing gratitude towards others shows a grateful heart. Being surrounded by a supportive and caring staff, who you call family, and seeing the love they share for you makes my heart grateful.

Coming off of the massive Harvey devastation as well as the heartache so many have felt during a devastating time moves toward a grateful heart. Seeing the kindness surround so many during the difficult and horrifying time provides a grateful heart. The kindness and sincerity so many have shown and continue to show is amazing.

Whatever you choose to drive your grateful heart is independent. However, I challenge you to stop and remember that gratitude, and your grateful heart, are innate and ever growing. It’s a combination of what you’ve done, have received, and strive for.

JFK grateful

Celebrate gratitude daily. Lead and live with a grateful heart!


Joyful, Mindful…YOU

Monday. A new work week full of possibilities, opportunities, and challenges that come along to make the week memorable. A week full of new possibilities that have yet to be discussed or determined. A mindset change on the banks of phasing out of the weekend fun. Something new to consider as you come into this new work week. A challenge of sorts. Something to think about as YOU encounter and seek others out this week.

It’s time to be joyful when entering this new work week. Be joyful in your actions and how you live your life today. Be joyful in the fact that you have a position that challenges yourself and impacts others each and everyday. Be joyful in the fact that you matter to others. They depend on you and are glad you are in their lives.

Be mindful of the new opportunities that come to light and who the audience is impacted by your decisions. Be mindful that someone is watching your every move to be grateful you’re in the lead. Be mindful of the conversations you have and encounter. Be mindful that YOU, yes you, make an impact each and every day by the spoken and written words.

Be You! Be the person you will want to be proud of. The person you would want others to be led by. The person that celebrates others and isn’t someone you can’t stand. Be the person who you want others to be around and have an impact on someone each and every day. Be the person you would be proud of and celebrate.

As you enter the new work week, think about it this way. What impact will you bring on others this week? Is it joyful, mindful, and authentic? What steps can you make to move this way? What can you do better to be joyful in your actions, mindful in your audience, and be you each and every day?
Be joyfulmindyou