Looking back and ahead #Oneword 2022

Looking back on this year, I can’t count the amount of people who taught me something as well as who continued to embrace myself through thick and thin. Professionally, teaching during a pandemic continued to push me through thick and thin. It was not easy and continues to be the case today. The year of the continued pandemic, hardships, teaching, and finishing my Masters in December (post coming in January) continued to teach me things that I am grateful for today such as balancing personal and professional life, giving myself grace, and leading with grace.

I have always struggled and avoided talking about personal struggles from my professional life not wanting to cause extra attention but this year taught me to be honest, open, and let people in to see the whole picture of who I am. The whole picture this year caused a lot of stress, frustration, and struggle. Personal struggles included our house flooding and no power for 5 days in February, packing up our entire downstairs and all our belongings and leaving for 9 months, and home to unpack and still be under construction today. I will admit that the boxes that still sit in our halls today remind me that there is progress from last month and at the beginning of this year. Please understand, though, that telling my struggles on a blog made me a better person I am today going through them and seeing the progress of the year (almost) behind me.

One of my biggest takeaways for the 2021 year has been the amount of support and connection felt and how much grace was needed for others and myself. Focusing on others comes very naturally to me. Focusing on myself is a challenge at times aside from self care. However, it’s a continued journey to improve on and embrace. Professionally, seeing the power of connections as well as support truly allowed me to see the good in others as well as the helpful spirit too. Making connections and learning from one another worldwide was amazing. Keeping those connections and learning to grow forward is something I will to continue do day in and out as well.

Moving forward to 2022, my #oneword2022 will be embrace. Embrace will center the work I do in my classroom and with my students as well as how I work to continue to embrace in collaboration and support with colleagues, staff, and teachers. Personally, embracing boundaries and limits for my own sanity and life is a continued work in progress too. In 2022, I look to embrace the struggle that is ahead as well as the journey to embrace the unknown. I also plan to embrace blogging more as an outlet as well as to share my thoughts. Livia Chan, Teacher & Digital content creator for TeachBetter, reminded me today in a live PD that “instead of worrying about what others say about content, just focus on yourself.” Moving into 2022, I hope to share more as well as focus on embracing what’s to come.

Embracing the unknown, the productive struggle, the connections, and the days ahead in the coming year of 2022. Happy New Year to you and wishing you a wonderful start to 2022.