Looking back and ahead #Oneword 2022

Looking back on this year, I can’t count the amount of people who taught me something as well as who continued to embrace myself through thick and thin. Professionally, teaching during a pandemic continued to push me through thick and thin. It was not easy and continues to be the case today. The year of the continued pandemic, hardships, teaching, and finishing my Masters in December (post coming in January) continued to teach me things that I am grateful for today such as balancing personal and professional life, giving myself grace, and leading with grace.

I have always struggled and avoided talking about personal struggles from my professional life not wanting to cause extra attention but this year taught me to be honest, open, and let people in to see the whole picture of who I am. The whole picture this year caused a lot of stress, frustration, and struggle. Personal struggles included our house flooding and no power for 5 days in February, packing up our entire downstairs and all our belongings and leaving for 9 months, and home to unpack and still be under construction today. I will admit that the boxes that still sit in our halls today remind me that there is progress from last month and at the beginning of this year. Please understand, though, that telling my struggles on a blog made me a better person I am today going through them and seeing the progress of the year (almost) behind me.

One of my biggest takeaways for the 2021 year has been the amount of support and connection felt and how much grace was needed for others and myself. Focusing on others comes very naturally to me. Focusing on myself is a challenge at times aside from self care. However, it’s a continued journey to improve on and embrace. Professionally, seeing the power of connections as well as support truly allowed me to see the good in others as well as the helpful spirit too. Making connections and learning from one another worldwide was amazing. Keeping those connections and learning to grow forward is something I will to continue do day in and out as well.

Moving forward to 2022, my #oneword2022 will be embrace. Embrace will center the work I do in my classroom and with my students as well as how I work to continue to embrace in collaboration and support with colleagues, staff, and teachers. Personally, embracing boundaries and limits for my own sanity and life is a continued work in progress too. In 2022, I look to embrace the struggle that is ahead as well as the journey to embrace the unknown. I also plan to embrace blogging more as an outlet as well as to share my thoughts. Livia Chan, Teacher & Digital content creator for TeachBetter, reminded me today in a live PD that “instead of worrying about what others say about content, just focus on yourself.” Moving into 2022, I hope to share more as well as focus on embracing what’s to come.

Embracing the unknown, the productive struggle, the connections, and the days ahead in the coming year of 2022. Happy New Year to you and wishing you a wonderful start to 2022.


Intent: one word in 2020

One word is hitting the networks by storm as we close 2019 and are almost to 2020. It’s a charge of sorts that isn’t like a resolution that falls by the waysides by February. It’s a word that holds you to the task & something that really makes sense to me. Last night, on the twitter chat, #Altedchat, Chris Quinn led an amazing chat all focused on #oneword2019 and #oneword2020. It really laid out the purpose of the one word if you need more information.

In 2019, my #oneword2019 was BE and it’s something that encompassed my word as an educator, a professional, and as a person. I have a visual I have favorited on my phone to remind me of my charge in 2019.  BE is something I reflected on to BE the best I could be, BE present, and BE apart of the greater good in life. It worked for me to choose a word as an overall theme versus making multiple resolutions and not being held accountable for them all the way throughout the year. My #oneword2019 blog post on BE gave me a charge for this past year.


A few days ago, before the #Altedchat took place, I started really soul searching for a charge for the 2020 year. Something that would push me out of the box and be something I could push through. Intentional is the word chosen for this new year. Being intentional about the decisions I make, intentional about the relationships and people I hold dear in my life, intentional about the acts of gratitude and kindness I carry out, and intentional about the way I take charge in my personal life too. I have an inkling that BE and Intentional go hand in hand as a way to keep BEing present and intentional in the lives of my students, staff, and my personal life too.

Intentional (1).png

If you want to see what other educators are doing for their #oneword2020, hop on over to the Bookcamppd blog to see what others are doing too. It’s cool to see what’s in store for 2020 and how one word will charge this upcoming year too.

Whether you choose a one word or make resolutions; I wish you a happy New Year and a year of excellence in 2020. Knowing where you want to go and making a plan makes a huge difference.

Dr. Sanée Bell.png



BE: one word in 2019

2019: a new year full of new beginnings, hope, and a slate that is not full of what has happened in the past. An opportunity to start fresh and create new goals, new opportunities, and new words to commit to.

Recently I stumbled upon #oneword2019 and it really got me thinking of how I could explore new avenues as well as owning what I can bring to the table and provide for others. I will admit, I struggled at first, since I was stuck between two words. Two words that encompassed two true avenues of hope moving forward. I decided on BE for my one word in 2019. The definition of Be has many. However, two in particular, resonated with me. The definitions “to equal in meaning” as well as “to identify with” resonate as I move forward in this new year.

I will BE a teacher as well as a mentor and family member. I can also BE a person who has ideas and thoughts. Moving forward, I want to BE someone who can be heard as well as someone who inspires and empowers others daily. I am charging myself with a goal to not only identify the good I bring as well as the inspiration I can bring to others every day.

Being a special educator, I already have a playing field. I really need to OWN what I can BE for others and for myself. It’s not an easy task. That negative voice can creep up and self-doubt can cycle in. However, I can’t wait to see what I can BE to myself and others this year. I am committing to be vulnerable, to take a leap of faith, and the BE this year. I can’t wait to go along this journey.

Be one word